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Your company may have an idea of the internal resources available and time frame desired to implement an automated EMS, but where do you start? ISO14 streamlines the path to automation by automating the entire process. Using our powerful technology, comprehensive support program and tailored process, you can implement a fully automated Environmental Management System (EMS) that suits the exact needs of your company.

Before getting started on the implementation project, you'll meet with one of ISO14's expert consultants, who will help you plan. Your consultant will be available to guide you and answer questions throughout the entire process. The following details a few of the steps that will lead you down the path to implementing an EMS the ISO14:

Project Planning
Work hand-in-hand with your consultant to customize your project. From building a timeline with action items, to key role assignments, you'll set the path for successful implementation.

Document Transfer
Move the foundation of your current EMS into the ISO14 application. This includes all level one, two, and three documents, emergency action plans, aspects, impact, objectives, targets, programs and employee training records.

Ensure all your employees are on the same page regarding the ISO14 application and the requirements of your EMS. ISO14 provides support with our online help files and an automated process for scheduling, conducting and recording training classes.

Checking and Review
Put your new EMS into action by conducting IEA, NCM/CAPA, MRM, and testing of emergency plans.

Looking for more help? We offer a range of additional services to assist you with everything from guidance through the various stages of building a management system to maintaining compliance and everything in between.

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